What are some side effects of skin grafting?

As a motorcyclist in Missouri, you understand the additional dangers you face on the road compared to covered drivers. One such danger is an injury known as road burn or road rash, which can result in you requiring surgery known as skin grafting. Unfortunately, though, skin grafting comes with numerous potential risks.

Firstly, road rash is what occurs when your bare skin comes into contact with the asphault at high speeds. Essentially, the texture of the road can sand away your skin, destroying tissue and leaving you in severe pain. Sometimes, the only way to correct this is with skin grafting, where surgeons remove skin from a separate area of your body and use it to cover the area that has been damaged.

However, FoundHealth points out that there are numerous complications associated with skin grafting. You may have difficulty with the healing process. It's possible for excessive bleeding to occur, or for the implanted skin to be rejected, causing the graft to fail. You may also experience infections which can range from mild to severe and can create other health complications for you.

Permanent changes may also occur. This can include the grafted area never growing hair again. You may also either lose your sense of touch in the grafted area or experience increased sensitivity. Either of these possibilities can bring you aggravation and suffering on a day to day basis.

Sometimes skin grafting is the only option available. However, you should go into it understanding all of the risks that you could be taking.


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